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A pioneer in Finnish industrial subcontracting – soon for 30 years

Our pioneering work began in 1989. Today, we have units in Finland in 8 separate locations and serve more than 1,000 customers. The family-owned HT Laser Oy is part of the Teiskonen Oy Group, and our turnover in 2016 exceeded 50 million euros. Also in our business group are Elekmerk Oy, which manufactures thin-sheet metal structures and supplements our services nicely, and Alamarin-Jet Oy, a manufacturer of propulsion units for boats.

HT Laser Oy employs approximately 400 professionals who challenge themselves and their teams daily in order for us to achieve the best possible work results. The merits of our work methods and our choices are indicated by the well-earned quality and environmental management certificates awarded to us.

Reliable deliveries, 100% quality, and agility are a matter of principle for our company. Constant development work guarantees our position as a pioneer in the field. We have Finland's most modern cutting capacity at our disposal to guarantee reliable deliveries throughout the year. Our operation-control system covers the entire company and enables the efficient transfer of data and received work orders between our service units.

Customer-specific comprehensive solutions form the underpinnings of HT Laser Oy's operations. More and more often, we deliver finished subassemblies directly to our customers' production lines. The customers of HT Laser Oy are successful companies operating in the metal, construction, furniture, and electrical and electronics industries.

Some of the strong, independent companies in our business group:

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