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Cutting methods

We are able to offer services with a wide range of cutting methods

Our modern machinery includes several cutting-work stations. Selecting the correct cutting technology from early on, in the product-design phase, saves both time and money. This allows for easier implementation of structural changes and new versions of pieces, also facilitating work with complicated details and difficult shapes.

Method Laser Water-jet 3D Plasma Flame Sheet-cutting
work station
Working range 2,500 x 8,000 4,500 x 13,500 2,500 x 13,000 3,000 x 13,000 1,250 x 2,500
max. pl. mm.
25 100 50 150 4

Stainless and
acid-resistant steels
max. pl. mm.

15 100     2
Other materials Aluminium
10 mm
All solid
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