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Water-jet cutting

Water-jet cutting is suited to nearly all materials. No thermal deformation or tension is formed in the piece to be cut. The method enables the cutting of sensitive materials and narrow necks, sharp edges, and large perforated areas. Depending on the hardness of the material, the cutting is performed either with water alone or in combination with an abrasive material (sand and water).

Max. sheet size: 3,000 × 8,000 mm
Max. sheet thickness: 200 mm

  • No further machining is needed for the cut surfaces – the parts are ready for installation already
  • The cutting speed and surface quality are selectable
  • The technique is also suitable for the manufacturing of shaped pieces and steel profiles to be bevelled/perforated
  • There is no thermal deformation or hardening of the cut surfaces
  • This method is excellent for use in precision billet machining
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