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HT Laser Oy - Product development

Product development

Our product development efforts make use of our vast knowledge of materials and our extensive expertise in sheet manufacturing, strength calculations and new technologies, such as laser beam welding.

Product development at HT Laser combines robust production expertise with customer-oriented co-operation to find complete solutions that fulfil all specifications. The end result is a product that not only fulfils the customer's needs, but is also cost-effective to manufacture.

3D design

  • Modern tools
  • Extensive production experience
  • Design for Six Sigma
  • Tolerance design

FEM analyses

Strength calculation that specialises in thin-sheet structures and laser beam welding:
  • Static linear and nonlinear analyses
  • Natural frequency analyses in pre-tension and at rest
  • Buckling, crinkling and lateral buckling analyses
  • Thermal conductivity and thermal expansion analyses
  • Structure optimisation based on specifications

Prototype production and testing (structure verification)

  • Having our own R&D department guarantees that we are able to verify designs and calculations by quickly producing a prototype.
  • Structures can be verified by strain gauge and breaking tests and weld section imaging.

Project management

A trained project manager is assigned for each project. We use a special model of project management to ensure smooth production start-up after the product development phase.

Research collaboration with universities

Enables more extensive analysis of innovative products and structural solutions. Different fatigue tests, material choices, production methods, etc.

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